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Shebib Believes



My first video company, (1980) was called Global City News in keeping with Marshall Mcluhan philosophy of the Global Village. I started filming messages because I was interested in healing, first myself and then my world.

At an early age, (14) I was put in jail for joy-riding in a truck in a lumber yard. I did 14 months in jail for that and became from then on an enemy of state.

I spent my youth on the street, my first lover was a hooker. In my late teens, I started studying spiritual teachings and I became a peaceful revolutionary. I did a lot of drugs and I thought I was enlightened and I became a political activist, running for mayor with a collective of people in 1979. Since then I have run a total of five times for mayor of Victoria, once for MLA, and once for MP.

My message of 'don't vote' was always for the people to come together as a community and to make it's own decisions. In 30 years of Activism I have met only a few great activists. David is one of the best and he has never let me down. His talk is his walk. It is a tragedy that the system is so insensitive to it's radicals, for the treasure of their unique messages are lost.

The system or it's people which do not listen to it's voices of truth are doomed. While yet there is time, be aware and question authority, it's purpose and our goals.

- David Shebib